May be toxic if particles are too large to be used in large quantities and for a long time. Then these particles they can accumulate under the skin in the body and cause the irreversible gray-blue darkening of the skin – so-called argyria.

The effects have not been unequivocally scientifically proven and not only Czech legislation prohibits consumption.

Assurance of silver purity thanks to the certificate. 99.99% purity is essential to minimize contamination of colloidal silver with trace elements metals. A copy of the inspection certificate proving cleanliness and the chemical composition of the wire will be attached to each order

A 3.1 certificate is issued by an authority that is independent of manufacturing and is validated by the manufacturer’s authorized inspection representative. This is an inspection certificate according to EN ISO 10204:2005 that declares the wire is made of 99.99% fine silver that has total allowable impurities of 100 ppm (parts per million). The analysis was performed using the ICP-OES method (Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy)

A wire with a larger diameter has a larger area. Since the size of the silver particles formed is directly related to by the amount of electric current per unit area, larger diameter wires will form smaller particles.

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